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2012/01/26 14:47

New Credit Card Fraud Tools Active - Please Read!

We have activated a new credit card fraud processing feature on our gateway to curb fraudulent charges.

If you are an existing client that has not had trouble in the past with your CC payments, or you are trying to order a new license please contact support at sales@tcadmin.com with any problems you may have.

Keep in mind with this new geatway enforcement you WILL be required to enter a valid billing address, and you must order from the same address. The ordering IP must match the billing address. If you attempt to order from one of your servers or through a proxy your payment will not be accepted.

Also, you may find it easier to simply pay using your Paypal account. If you do nto have a Paypal account you can still use Paypal during checkout and use your card as payment. You do not need to setup a Paypal account to pay with your credit card via Paypal.

Thank you,

TCAdmin Billing

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