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The download library has all the manuals, programs and other files that you may need to get your website up and running.


File AntiCSDoS Program
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This program protects your HL based servers from certain DoS attacks and exploits. Please see their site for information at http://www.shockingsoft.com/AntiCSDoS.html
Filesize: 776 B

File Battlefield 1942 Remote Server Manager
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Created by Kevvin Lockett
Filesize: 357 kB

File ClockRes.zip
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Ever wondered what the resolution of the system clock was, or perhaps the maximum timer resolution that your application could obtain The answer lies in a simple function named GetSystemTimeAdjustment, and the ClockRes applet performs the function and shows you the result.
Filesize: 79 kB

File Enable/Disable the Mani Editor
Login Required
Script to enabled and disable the Mani Editor.
Filesize: 1.2 kB

File Last PB server files for MOHAA
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This zip file contains the last updated PB files. Since PB has stopped support for MOHA you will need these to host servers and for your game.
Filesize: 4.12 MB

File RAMMap.zip
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Have you ever wondered exactly how Windows is assigning physical memory, how much file data is cached in RAM, or how much RAM is used by the kernel and device drivers? RAMMap makes answering those questions easy. RAMMap is an advanced physical memory usage analysis utility for Windows Vista and higher. It presents usage information in different ways on its several different tabs:
Filesize: 276 kB