Adding a Mod to the Game Mod Feature

This tutorial will cover how to add a mod to the TCAdmin game mod feature

Example - Adding AMX Mod X for CS 1.6 as an example.

1) Make sure you have a TCAdmin config for CS 1.6 located at System Settings >> Supported Games

2) Add the CS 1.6 game files to the Games Files Folder, default is


3) Package the mod files into a rar/zip file and place it in the TCA.Mods folder located within the CS folder. It should look like


4) The folder structure of the mod folder should match that of the game files. So the contents of the should look like


That way when TCAdmin unzips the files it automatically adds the files in the correct folder.

5) Add the mod to CS 1.6 Game Mod feature by going to

System Settings >> Supported Games >> Counter-Strike 1.6

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Game Mod icon.

6) Click New

7) Add the mod's information and zip file name. The zip file name should only contain the name of the zip/rar file.

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