How to install Teamspeak and configure it in TCAdmin

- Download and install the TeamSpeak 2 Server files:

- Start the TeamSpeak server. Make sure the Teamspeak server is running and working correctly. Get the superadmin password like explained here:

- Configure the TeamSpeak server as a Windows service so it starts automatically after reboot:

- Make sure the Teamspeak service or server is running.

- Log in to your TCAdmin control panel and add the Teamspeak server to System Settings > Voice Server Settings. Use the default ports and type the correct superadmin password. After saving click on the Test button. It should say it was successful.

- You should be able to create the voice servers by going to Admin Home > Voice Servers > New Voice Server. You can also create a game and voice server at the same time in Admin Home > Create a Game and Voice Server.

- See this page for Teamspeak licensing information:

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