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32bit Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 and TCAdmin
** A fix to work around this problem has been added to TCAdmin version 1.0.2640.11313 and to the...
Views: 5729
Allow your clients to create game/voice servers on their dedicated server
To allow your client to create game servers on his dedicated server(s): First you must...
Views: 6712
Create a login form for TCAdmin within your existing site
Use this sample form. Make sure you change "http://demo.tcadmin.com/templates/default/login.aspx"...
Views: 20448
Creating a demo user within your panel
To create a demo user for your control panel just create a user named demouser. Create one or...
Views: 7190
Creating and installing Secondary Applications
With the release of the latest version of TCAdmin, we have introduced "Secondary Applications"....
Views: 12992
Enable System Monitoring and Game Server Performance Monitoring
The System Monitor will collect system information and store them to the database. This...
Views: 9556
GSAutomation.Processes.InstallMod: Could not update service 'TCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX': Initialization failure
This error is porduced by Windows WMI. It can be corrected by using the following method: Create...
Views: 4826
How to improve TCAdmin connections when there are network problems
This article applies to TCAdmin version 1.0.2809.27892 and greater.To improve performance when a...
Views: 6396
How to restart the monitor when it is running in service mode
- Log in to your server's remote desktop. - Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative...
Views: 8501
Install script for Mods and Updates
This feature requires TCAdmin version 1.0.4294.39028 or greater. To execute a script when a mod...
Views: 5197
The TCAdmin Directory Structure Explained
This video explains how to create and configure the folders where the user files and game...
Views: 4365
Using Install/Uninstall Scripts (with Windows Firewal integration example)
With the release of the latest version of TCAdmin, we have introduced "Install/Unistall" scripts...
Views: 13908