How to fix 100% CPU used by w3wp.exe

IIS configuration:

- Log in to your master server's remote desktop.

- Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

- Expand the view to [Server Name] > Application Pools.

- Right click on DefaultAppPool and select properties If your TCAdmin website is running under a different App Pool select the one used by the website.

- In the performance tab under Web garden change the number of worker processes to 2 or more. If you don't have many game servers in this server you can configure one process for each core.

- Click on OK to save the settings.

- Restart the App Pool by clicking on Stop then Start on the tool bar.

This configures IIS to use multiple w3wp processes. Since each process has its own web sessions you might notice that you are logged out randomly when using the control panel. This is fixed by following these instructions:

Website and ASP.NET state service configuration

- Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

- Look for the service named ASP.NET State Service. Right click on this service and select properties. Set the startup type to automatic. Click on OK to save then start this service.

- Open your TCAdmin's Web.config with notepad. This is located in c:\Program Files\TCAdmin Control Panel\Web by default.

- Find the line <system.web> ( not </system.web> )

- Under that line add the following and save the file:
<sessionState mode="StateServer" stateConnectionString="tcpip=localhost:42424" cookieless="false" timeout="20" />

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